Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Week

This past week kind of threw me off - some pressures at work combined with some ambivalence after my last proofing.  Part of being a writer is also being a reader, and I've really searched hard for some good things to read - and after some duds I purchased over the last few weeks for my Kindle, I've refused to buy anything I haven't previewed.

Found one gem last night ... The Cranberry Hush by Ben Monopoli.  Compared to a lot of crap I've been perusing on Amazon's genre lists ("bestselling" even), this was a delightful treat ... I wrote a review of it on GoodReads.

It wasn't just a delightful way to end my weekend, but it kind of lifted the funk I was in all week - and hopefully, will redirect my future edits of my own novella (more lit, less lick).  It is slightly distressing in that making those comparisons, I found my last draft a bit more like the garbage I keep passing over in ebook stores, and knowing that I will never want my name associated with refuse - even if it sells.  I was hoping to be a little closer to the finish line, but if it needs a rewrite, it will be rewritten.

Enough about me ... grab a copy of Monopoli's book.  It will encourage anyone who's been recently jaded by the 99 cent - 2.99 book selections!

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